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Mayur Sanitation showers are designed to deliver beautiful experiences of bathing. We have a wide range of showers which satisfies your spending plan and your designs as well and give you a chance to have a shower of your choice. Our showers are designed to deliver great accuracy with high-performance and an ultimate experience of bathing every time you wish to take a shower.


One can choose a great design of bathroom accessories to add a stylish touch to his bathroom and we know how bathroom accessories are important for a bathroom and provide a variety of bathroom accessories to suit your bathroom designing ideas.


The health faucet, a source of water for individuals who lean towards utilizing water as opposed to different techniques for cleaning their hands after defecation or pee. A cleaned faucet in your bathroom is an indication of how clean your bathroom is. Mayur Sanitation provides health faucets comprising of vast ranges to suit your needs. Our health faucets provide an awesome experience with their high caliber and elite.


Shower arms are a necessity to enjoy the ultimate experience of bathing under your showers. We offer wide variety of shower arms which fulfill your needs and budget as well.

About the Firm

We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as a supplier of Showers, Health Faucets & Telephone Shower marketing under the brand name “Kanta”. Your bathroom lets your guests decide about your personality and standard of living. Our Company wants to convey world class extravagance showering quality items to our clients at sensible costs and with a specific end goal to satisfy request. We work hard each and every day to meet your needs. We follow the market trends and has always abided by the rules which is the main reason behind the faith and belief shown on us by our clients.

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