Bathroom tiles- A wide assortment of tiles and items made and planned in different shades, covering, materials, designs, shapes, and styles appropriate for a bathroom floor or wall is called a bathroom tile. Bathroom tiles usually have a different kind of colours, materials, finish, and styles than the kitchen tiles or bedroom tiles. In addition to sanitary ware, showers, accessories, bathroom tiles are also an important part of our bathroom and also contributes to the design and personality of our bathroom so they cannot be neglected at all. They are easy to clean and maintain. With the world developing day by day, which contributes to the development in bathroom tiles, one can easily find his design of tile in the market or online.





There are many options of bathroom tiles available in the market and online as well but to the extent, materials are concerned following are the most recognized types of tiles-:

Ceramic Tile– There are many ceramic tiles advantages such as it is ideal for cloudy conditions like the lavatory. It’s simple to introduce and keep up and is, for the most part, one of the slightest difficult alternatives and moreover one of the least expensive tile. Keep in mind the slip factor of high-gloss ceramic tile.

Stone Tile– If you’re going for a more regular feel, decide on stone tile. Simply remember that most stone tiles are not waterproof. One of the more costly alternatives, similar to marble tile, unquestionably adds an extravagant vibe to space, but at the same time, it’s high-upkeep.

Glass Tile– It is a well-known choice for a backsplash, as it adds a unique style and personality to your bathroom. It is a more expensive option than ceramic tile. Glass tiles are also resistant to slip factor so they can be your bathroom wall tiles.

Ceramic bathroom tiles
Ceramic Tile


Stone bathroom tiles
Stone Tiles


Glass bathroom tiles
Glass Tile



If you’re considering tiling your restroom, here are a few insights and tips for what you’ll have to consider while arranging your outline.

  • Tiles are effectively the best floor for your washroom. They are flexible. Different sorts of bathroom flooring are inclined to harm, tiles are the best choice for the ground surface.
  • Tiles are frequently sold by the square meters that they cover. It’s by and large prescribed to start the procedure by measuring the floor and the dividers you need to tile, so you can evaluate costs. Make sure to add an additional 8-10 % of tiles in case of any broken tiles or wastage.
  • While making the plan for your bathroom tiles, you first need to understand the types of bathroom tiles. There are three types of tiles- ceramic, stone and glass tile (as mentioned above). Porcelain tiles are considered independently from ceramic tiles despite the fact that they are in fact a similar kind of tiles.
  • Choosing the colour of your tile will change the state of mind and style of your restroom. You can get about any shading you like. Moreover, the sort of colour you pick will influence the general look of your bathroom.



Tile is most likely the best beautiful device you can use for your lavatory. It joins the best of the two feel and reasonableness. Tiles come in various sizes, cuts, examples, colours, and material—you can choose ceramic, glass, and stone tiles, among others. Before you buy bathroom tiles, here are some things that you need to know before buying one:

Design– Have a plan vision. The principal thing you ought to have is an unmistakable thought of what you need the plan of your washroom to be. Right off the bat, you should first consider your floor tiles in this space. It’s well worth requiring some investment to consider something other than the tiles themselves before concluding your buy. Patterns can make a dazzling impact, regardless of the possibility that they are very basic. This design vision of yours will help you in purchasing tiles of your own choice.

Material– There are a few sorts of tile, including ceramic, glass and stone. In any case, it’s protected to state that you can utilize any of these diverse materials on your washroom walls. Ceramic tile is most normally utilized, as it is a standout amongst the most modest sorts and is easy to work with and moreover keeping in mind that stone tile requires extra upkeep.

Size– Most important thing while buying bathroom tiles is their size. Generally, manufacturers and shopkeepers use centimeters instead of inches to measure the size of tiles and this is the part where most of the people get wrong and waste their time and money. Try to get the samples of the tiles you have in your mind and ensure that they come in size matching to your bathroom.

Safety– It’s important to pick tiles that are quite pretty and at the same time are alright for utilizing. It’s fitting to get unglazed tiles for the floor, as the glazed ones have a tendency to be dangerous.

Color– While planning out the design for your bathroom tiles, one should keep in mind the colour of the tiles. Dark colours make a small bathroom appear smaller. So choose wisely the colour keeping in mind the space of your bathroom.

Maintenance– Many people don’t like to clean or they simply don’t have the time to clean their bathroom tiles daily or we say on a regular basis. In that case, you should prefer ceramic or porcelain tiles since they are easy to maintain as compared to stone tiles which require high up-keep.

Budget– Last but not the least, your pocket. Bathroom tiling is expensive so you need to be sure that you can meet the expenses of it. It is suggested that you purchase no less than 10% of tiles than you really require in the event of breakage amid establishment, so you ought to likewise consider that into your figure. But you should never compromise on the quality.









Guidelines for tiling a washroom change when small restrooms are concerned.

Lighter colours: Using white, greyish, or light hues, all in all, influences the space to feel roomier. Lighter colours open up the room. While the reason might be that owners over the world genuinely adore white roofs. This means that you should go for light shade surface tiles.

Bigger tiles: Laying bigger tiles can influence the space to feel less confined. Yet, there are risks with introducing excessively wide tiles in a little washroom. At the point when the tile gets too huge, it relatively overpowers the washroom. Small-size tiles make a variety of grout lines. Grout lines, when included, start to feel framework like and square shaped. Bigger tiles, gratefully, deliver fewer grout lines.

bathroom tiles
Bathroom Tiles



Everybody needs their bathroom to be a luxurious place that is very much intended to suit their way of life. Keeping in mind that tiles are the perfect decision for a washroom, they can be a costly choice. Be that as it may, if you don’t have the financial plan for top-notch tiles, you still can get beautiful tiles at your budget.

  • As mentioned above, tiles are made with a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass and stone tiles. This means that there are many options of bathroom tiles available for you that can suit your pocket. Ceramic tiles are an ideal option for those who are running out of his monthly budget since they are the least expensive tiles. Frequently, the bigger tiles offer marginally better worth for cash because of their size.
  • If you can’t afford to buy expensive tiles, then you don’t really need to tile each wall in your washroom, you can simply tile only maybe a couple of walls and paint the rest of the bathroom walls. Sometimes when you can’t afford to buy high-quality, expensive tiles for your bathroom, you tend to compromise and go for cheap, low-quality tile. Always put resources into quality, affordable tiles.
Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom Tiles



Now here are some questions which arise in many people’s minds before buying bathroom tiles for their bathroom

Q1- Small bathroom tile ideas?

A1- If anyone has a small size bathroom, then he doesn’t need to go for small tiles. Larger tiles can make a small bathroom appear big in size. Also, dark colours make a small bathroom look even smaller.

Q2- How can one make his/her bathroom look luxurious?

A2- There are many luxurious choices of bathroom tiles but marble is the one which makes a bathroom look beautiful and charming.

Q3- How to maintain tiles of your bathroom?

A3- Ceramic, and porcelain tiles are easy to maintain whereas stone tiles require high maintenance. So one should perform regular clean-ups on his tiles with cleaners.

Q4- Basic advice for bathroom tiles?

A4- Always have a perfect design in your mind which, at the same time, suits your budget. Measure the size of tiles correctly. Buy at least 10% more tiles which can come handy.


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A wide assortment of tiles and items made in different shades, covering, materials, designs, appropriate for a lavatory floor or divider is called a bathroom tile.
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