Health faucet– A health faucet is a hand-held activated spout that conveys a splash of water to aid butt-centric purifying and cleaning the privates after poop and pee. It is widely known as ‘bidet shower’. It is a starting point of water for individuals who lean toward utilizing water for purifying after poo or pee. It is a very important aspect of bathroom sanitary products.

Bidet shower or health faucet is one of the same things. These are fundamental instruments used to clean your butt after you poo. In the US and other European cities, they all simply wipe with a dry tissue. And that really sounds unpleasant. But then came health faucet which helps to clean the genitals after defecation or urination. What you do is to lift it up, put it behind you and clean yourself. Health faucets or Hygiene fixtures are the ideal matches for the present bathroom design plans. They are a superior choice than conventional can and mugs. In India, the convention has been to utilize water instead of tissue like western individuals. Introducing a paper distributor is likewise a possibility for property holders. Having both the fixture and the paper distributor is a smart thought. Many companies in India manufacture health faucet for a toilet.


Health faucet
Health faucet


Health faucet is common in most parts of Asian, which includes Nepal, Pakistan, China, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Singapore. In these countries, it is installed in western-style toilets.

Let’s discuss the types of faucets according to Indian standards. Here are some types of faucets-:

Bib cock– A tap with a twisted spout settled toward the finish of a pipe. This is certainly there in all houses and schools, colleges and workplaces in India and utilized on a regular routine. This is usually utilized as a part of restrooms, open public areas, basic washroom, and furthermore in the kitchen regularly.

Long body bib cock– A tap with a twisted nozzle settled toward the finish of a pipe with an additional length of the spout to give more space between the divider and the water slanted edge of bib cock. The main distinction between bib cock and long body bib cock is its spout’s length. Its long nozzle makes it easy to clean kitchen wares.

Two-way Bib cock– Two-way Bib cock is a current creation to give you an adaptability to associate health fixture or hand shower.

Pillar cocks– They are used for wash basins only. Its standard size remains fixed i.e 15mm

Wall mixers– They are just utilized as a part of the lavatory which has an arrangement for both hot and frosty water. It has 3 isolate levers to control the water stream. This is generally utilized as a part of every single new development in India and overall these days.



With this evolving world, a considerable measure of items and plans in our homes and lavatories have changed to suits our requirements all the more fittingly. We frequently notice of the items all over getting harmed over the long haul. A standout amongst the most widely recognized items which as often as possible gets harmed is a health fixture. Here are some key points which keep the health faucet running for a long period of times:

  • The vast majority of the health faucets are made of ABS or when all is said in done terms we call is unbreakable plastic. Be that as it may, they are really fragile. Everything in this world is fragile as are these fixtures.
  • They can’t withstand the weight of the water hitting the spring so such a large number of days. That is the reason it soon loses its grasp between the spring and the washer.
  • The ideal way and the simplest approach to make your health fixtures more solid is to simply kill the angel cock through which the health faucet is associated after its utilization.


Health Faucet
Health Faucet




Picking a faucet for your bathroom is not easy. Different styles, materials, and costs can sometimes confuse a person. Before picking faucets for your bathroom, you’ll have to consider a couple of things, for example, regardless of whether you’re utilizing a current sink or purchasing another one. You’ll also need your spending plan too.  Here are some things to look for in a faucet-:

  • Spout height- Faucet spout change a great deal in stature and reach, and sometimes you can simply pick the look you like best. In any case, in the event that you have a rack over the sink, a tall gush may not fit.
  • Holes in the sink- Before buying a health faucet, you first have to think about the number of holes in the sink. Most sinks have three openings: one for the hot handle, one for the frosty and one under the sprout. Some single-handle faucets incorporate a cover plate to reserve the additional gaps. But some don’t, so check the product label and specifications before buying a faucet.
  • The number of handles- Two-handle fixtures have such an arrangement that suits numerous restrooms. But single-handle faucets are generally preferred over two-handles faucets since water temperature change is simpler and there’s one less handle to clean.
  • Ceramic valves- Different sorts of valves are typically dripped free for a considerable length of time, yet they can’t coordinate the long haul efficiency of ceramic. Fixtures with ceramic valves cost about the same as any other faucet.


Bathroom faucet
Bathroom faucet




  • Find and snatch the health faucet beside the latrine. More often than not, the faucet will be perched on a hook or holder that accompanied it.
  • Open the close off valve to enable water to stream to the sprayer.
  • The strategy for use for the hand held bidet turns into an individual decision. You ought to enter either through the back of the seat or the front, contingent upon adaptability and convenience. A few females may splash through the front of the seat to successfully clean both the anal and genital locales all the while.
  • Check cleanliness with tissue. After you are certain that you are wiped off, just get dry your under areas utilizing more bathroom tissue or a towel. Many individuals utilize tissue yet some with touchy skin may utilize a delicate towel.
Health faucet
Health faucet


The vast majority pick a faucet in light of looks alone. Looks are critical, however, you can normally get the look you need without compromising on comfortability and efficiency.

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Health faucet
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Health faucet
A health faucet is a hand-held activated spout that conveys a splash of water to aid butt-centric purifying and cleaning the privates after poop and pee. It is a very important aspect of bathroom sanitary products.
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